Our Journey: Tribal Council Recognition and Validation — Time in Cosmology

Originally posted on Taking Up Space: Impact An old man was walking along a beach surrounded by hundreds of washed-up starfish. As he walked, he came upon a girl throwing the starfish back into the ocean, one by one. The old man looked bewildered and asked, “What are you doing?” The young girl replied, “I’m…

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well this is embarrassing

about a month ago i managed to get pulled into my evaporative cooler. i stupidly did not turn the cooler off before i decided to change out the pump. while i was fixing the damn thing a gust of wind sucked my ponytail straight into the pulley wheel. the motor stopped at first, due to the hair blockage, but as soon as the hair “settled” the wheel began to spin again wrapping up my hair around it even further, and thus knocking my head up against the steel wheel. i quickly unplugged the motor and called out for help. my neighbor heard me, luckily, and called 911. ten minutes later my saviors arrived. my vision was blocked and all i could see were blue pants scurrying all around me.

“well this is something we’ve never seen,” i heard one of them say, while another lifted me up and slid his lap underneath me.

“okay if we cut your hair?” i heard being asked. i responded emphatically with a yes. but as they tried to cut they realized that i was pegged, and there was no way of getting the scissors between my scalp and the rusted metal.

“just cut it out right there, and we can slide her out,” i heard.

“no, let’s go through here,” i head another say. and a few minutes later i could hear what sounded like a chain saw followed by excrussiating pain as the metal structure vibrated uncontrollably. i screamed. i yelled. my guy, the one with the lap that i sat on, told them to stop. and they stopped.

“don’t be scared. it’s okay,” i heard them say. and they tried again. the pain once again was unbearable and i yelled again.

“stop! stop!” he yelled back at them and then said, “if you did what i said in the first place we could have had her out ten minutes ago.”  by now my breathing had accelerated and i felt like my body and mind were quitting.

“breathe,” he said to me, and i refocused and thought of my breathing. it was at this point that i heard them leaving the roof. they came up with the jaws of life, hydraulic scissors on steroids. then it started again, the noise of metal on metal. this time it didn’t pull. i could hear a loud snap. “it’s okay one down five to go, you’re going to be okay,” i heard my guy say.

“glad we got these yesterday,” i heard another proclaim. i’m pretty sure he was serious. after the last cut was made i could feel the cylinder slide out, “grab on to this,” some one yelled. i held on to a metal object and soon enough i was free. it took an hour. they freed me and i clung on to the man with the lap as he lifted me up in his strong arms.

“put her in the shade,” was what i heard being barked out. i felt them form an assembly line and pass me from one rescure worker to another. they sat me on the roof in the shade and i was free, and in love with my guy, the one with the lap.