Eradanis and the Redshift: A Children’s Story

On not any particular day in space, Eradanis was having tea with Redshift.  Redshift was complaining and going on about how unfair it was that he couldn’t fly.

“But if I could,” he said, “I would go past the nebula all the way up to the Andromeda Galaxy.”

Eradanis laughed at his silliness, “Don’t be so impetuous!  You’ll fly soon enough. Always remember, never fly past the white dwarf, ‘cause if the solar wind doesn’t get you, the black hole surely will,” he warned.

Eradanis finished tea and conversation and went soaring, spinning, and singing through space.  While flying, the magnetic fields began to quickly change, the solar winds blew, and a tidal force rolled in so very fast. ‘I think I’ll have to have an early supper with Feydinger today,’ he thought.

When Eradanis arrived at Feydinger’s, the starwiches were already on the table.  Eradanis exclaimed in bewilderment, “Feydinger, how ever could you know that I would be here so early?”

“Oh, silly, didn’t you notice that only half of the asteroids passed by the moons today?  The other half were pulled away ‘cause if gravity is a pullin’ a black hole is a brewin’.  Now, sit.  I’ve made us some iced Oort tea as a special treat.” Feydinger said looking a bit worried.  “Oh, I am so glad you at least noticed the solar winds and magnetic skies,” he continued.

“Why, yes, I guess I should have paid attention to the asteroids too,” Eradanis responded embarrassed as he took his seat.  Eradanis then gently patted Feydinger’s hand, smiled and continued,

“You see, I was flipping and zipping watching all the pretty colors go by, and I felt the magnetic shift and a tidal force.  I quickly remembered what you said, ‘if you mess with a tidal force, you’re sure to get pulled.’”

“Indeed!” said Feydinger laughing as the solar winds grew louder and louder.

“Thank you, Feydinger.  Those were great starwitches.  The iced Oort was delightfully yummy.  I am very lucky to have a friend like you,” said Eradanis as he picked up the dishes and washed them.

“We should all be so lucky.  It’s very nice that you visit me,” said Feydinger while wiping the dishes dry, and putting them up into the cupboard.

“You know, Feydinger,” said Eradanis with a note of concern, “I’m very worried about Redshift in this solar storm.  He’s really tiny and isn’t used to these.  I better go.”

Before Feydinger could say good bye Eradanis flew away.  He flew hard and fast, but his wings were getting hit by space debris, and avoiding it became harder and harder.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Eradanis saw Redshift.  Redshift was scared, surrounded by an asteroid belt, and on the verge of being swallowed and pulled apart by a black hole!

“Hang on Redshift!  Hold on, I’m coming!” yelled Eradanis.

The black hole grew larger and larger, and gravitational forces pulled harder and harder.  Tears began to roll out of Redshift’s eyes, and they mixed with space dust sending dirty streams down his face.

Then, out of nowhere, a comet whizzed by Eradanis’ head.  As he ducked, he noticed another one heading his way.  He quickly flew to the comet’s nucleus hoping he could use it to to grab Redshift.  Eradanis flew closer and closer,

“I’ve almost got it,” he said, trying to catch up to the frozen comet.

But just as he grabbed a hold of the cold nucleus, poor little Redshift disappeared out of sight.

“Nooooo!” screamed Eradanis. “Please, no!  Redshift!” he yelled.

Tired and exhausted Eradanis started to cry, and a small gust of wind blew by him, pushing over his bruised body.

“Eeeeeeooooowee,” a tiny voice said.  Then once more, the same small gust of wind swished past Eradanis. “I’m okay!  I’m okay!  I can fly! I have my wings! Eeeeeeooooweeee!” yelled Redshift as he whizzed by Eradanis.

Redshift then flew up to Eradanis, and they hugged so tight they could barely breathe.

“I love you, Eradanis,” said Redshift.

“I love you too, Redshift.  Now, come on, lets fly!” he exclaimed, and off they flew together away from the black hole, over the stars and through the nebula to Feydinger’s space station they went.

Eridanis and the Redshift Escape